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Lucy Venegas - Dental Consultant

Lucy Venegas

Hello, my name is Lucy Venegas, and I have been in the dental industry for just shy of 27 years. I have been provided with the opportunity to wear many hats in the dental field including in all areas of the front office and even some in the back office. Over the years, I have gained experience in not just the day-to-day front office, but also in my more recent career history, I have had the opportunity to serve as a regional manager as well as develop my skills as a trainer.

My love for building a passionate, “yes-mentality” team inspired me to pursue a new journey in the training and consulting world. Seeing the lack of knowledge and the struggle dental practices face, I have grown very passionate about providing teams with the proper training and confidence to grow not only their skill set but also their know-how to meet and exceed practice goals.

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