Igniting Passion and Success!

I have known Lucy for many years and I have noticed how all the offices where she goes she makes an excellent change to them! She takes the time to have things in order so that everything flows in the best way and makes the offices grow and have a better flow of patients. I highly recommend her services and I would always put my office in her hands.

Maria Fernanda Luna Montes, DDS

I have had the pleasure of working together with Lucy for the past 8 years. Lucy has enabled me to assist several dental practices with implementing dental Implants, periodontal treatment, and oral surgery as a general practitioner. I have seen her ability to triple, even quadruple several practices’ revenue by developing strong systems and processes as well as providing training and development for the dental office’s team. As a leader she is meticulous and inspires those she works with. Having Lucy as a coach/Trainer will do wonders for your practice.

Dr. Igor Roshkovan, DDS, MSc, MSc

Lucy helped us with two projects, we had an established practice and had just purchased a new office location. She helped us with the initial process of setting protocols, credentialing, training new staff and helped us have a smooth and productive start to our new and from scratch practice. Her expertise also helped us set clear protocols to ease flow in our existing practice and overall help both practices reach unseen goals. We thank her for her help and continue to use her for guidance in maintaining our momentum.

Dr. Vivien Maghiran
MVP Dental

I have been very fortunate to work with Lucy for many years. Her guidance and sage business advice has helped to make dentistry both enjoyable and profitable. Following the principles she has taught, we have been able to create the practice that is ideal for us. I continue to work with Lucy as I realize the value of having a coach. If you follow her advice and are willing to work hard and sometimes be uncomfortable in mastering new skills, you can have the practice of your dreams. Her Integrity, work ethic and professionalism is unmatched and you can’t go wrong with using her coaching strategies.

Thank you Lucy!!!

Edgar Anjunjan
Edgar Anjunjan
Comfort Dental Group

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