Your New Dental Practice Can Be Successful

Elite Dental Training Will Help Bring Your Business to Life

Starting a new dental practice can be daunting. How do you start a business and achieve success? Do you know how to properly manage and run your business? At Elite Dental Training, we’re here to ensure you feel confident in opening your dental practice. Our dental consulting services are designed to help you with every aspect of your business, from hiring the best dental professionals to ensuring your marketing is up and running smoothly.

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Lucy Venegas has over 25 years of dental industry experience. With a passion for building a “yes mentality” team, she can help you not only build a strong dental staff but also help you create and exceed your business goals. If you’re looking for a professional dental consultation, contact our dental consultant today by calling (951) 315-9859.

We’re here to be your dental sidekick and help your business flourish. We’re also a bilingual business — fluent in both English and Spanish.

Building From the Ground Up

At Elite Dental Training, our dental consultant provides top-tier, comprehensive services. These new dental practice services include:

  • Hiring/Training Your Dental Staff: Hiring the wrong people at the beginning of your practice can cause problems in the long run. At Elite Dental Training, we’ll help you hire the right dental professionals with the necessary skills to help your business succeed.
  • Treatment Coordinating: Elite Dental Training will help you navigate dental treatment plans with ease and confidence. We want to help your staff understand the basics of how to present treatment plans to your patients, customize each plan to meet patient needs, and deal with patient rejections.
  • Dental Insurance Credentialing: Insurance can be difficult to navigate when you first start your business. That’s why Elite Dental Training can help you understand which insurance carriers you may want to accept and teach your staff the importance of insurance billing.
  • Marketing: Website marketing is more important than ever. Our dental consultant will help you implement marketing strategies that increase your website’s visibility and traffic.
  • Scheduling and Time Management: We can help you set up the most efficient scheduling system and teach you strategies to aid in better time management
  • Setting Business Goals: Without goals, there’s nothing to work toward. Our dental consultant will work with you to set up proper goals that best suit your business and vision.

Additional Start-Up Services

  • Establishing protocols, employee manuals, legal forms, and procedure policies
  • On-site staff training — including phone skills, proper delegation, and more
  • Implementing proper communication skills
  • Partnering with like-minded practitioners for the referral process
  • Business plan development
  • Choosing the best software
  • Determining the basics of your practice details, such as business hours and scheduling windows
  • Understanding the value of your patients
  • Business management including analysis of overall business, production, marketing, etc.

To learn more about our dental consulting services for new dental practices, call our Riverside dental consultant today at (951) 315-9859.

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Understanding the Challenges of Starting a New Dental Practice

When starting a new business, there are always challenges to overcome. When you hire Elite Dental Training for consulting services, we’ll help you navigate those challenges and achieve success. Those challenges may include:

  • A highly competitive industry: The dental field has a high rate of competition and you’ll likely be competing with established practices in your area.
  • Significant financial investment: New businesses require significant financial investment, and there’s not always a guarantee of immediate or future success.
  • Dedicated time and effort: Starting a new dental practice will take your time and effort, which can take away from other areas of your life.
  • Administration responsibilities: Not only do you need to perform dental treatments, but you’ll have to take into consideration administrative responsibilities. These include managing employees, heading finances, and complying with regulatory requirements.

We know these challenges may be overwhelming. But that’s where Elite Dental Training comes in. We’ll help you navigate through any challenges that may arise when opening your new practice. Rest assured that our high-quality consulting services will build the best foundation for starting your business.

Benefits of Starting a New Dental Practice

Don’t let challenges hold you back. The benefits tend to outweigh the challenges of starting a new practice. These benefits may include:

  • Freedom of choosing an optimal location for your new practice, such as an underserved area with high demand for dental care.
  • Complete control over your practice’s vision, mission, and goals.
  • Implementing the latest technologies and equipment gives you competitive advantages over other established practices.
  • Creating a brand from the ground up that reflects your personality and values can help you attract the right patients and build a loyal patient base.
  • Flexibility when it comes to many aspects, including adapting to a changing market, creating your business hours, and hiring your employees.
  • Professional growth can come from the wide skills you’ll develop as you create your business.
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