Exceptional Dental Staff Training Creates Successful Businesses

Do You Need Help Training Your Dental Staff?

Employing a dental staff that has an in-depth knowledge of dentistry and is well-versed in front desk procedures is vital to the success of your practice. If your dental staff isn’t performing well or to your standards, Elite Dental Training is here to help. Our front desk staff training includes services such as handling administrative tasks, communication skills, and more.

A dental team

With over 25 years of experience, Lucy Venegas has had the opportunity to wear many hats in the dental field. She’s served as a regional manager and was afforded opportunities to grow her skillset as a trainer. She understands how a team should work together and how proper training can increase productivity, create a healthy work environment, and bring success to a dental practice.

She also offers services in both English and Spanish.

Staff Training Services

Reception Basics

Oftentimes, the first team member a patient speaks with is your front desk receptionist. A receptionist can have a big impact on how a patient feels about the dental practice as a whole. Our dental consultant provides receptionist basics, such as how to answer the phone correctly, communicate through challenging conversations, and ensure a patient makes an appointment.

Communication Skills

No matter the role your employee has, their communication skills need to be refined. The way they speak to a patient or potential patient can set the tone for your dental practice. Elite Dental Training will work with your entire staff to educate them on the importance of proper communication skills and tips on how to deal with challenging patients.

Dentrix Training

Software programs are necessary for ensuring a functional dental practice. Our dental consultant can provide your staff with Dentrix training, ensuring they know the ins and outs of the software.

Insurance Billing

Insurance can be a frustrating aspect of your dental practice. However, it’s often necessary to ensure your patients remain loyal to you. Elite Dental Training can go through insurance billing with your staff to ensure they help patients maximize their dental benefits.


Managing a team can be tricky, but it’s essential for a successful dental practice. We’ll help you understand the basics of managing your dental staff, from learning how to delegate, talking to people and understanding how to get the team to do what needs to be done, overcoming obstacles with team building, and more.

Ideal Patient Experience

How your dental practice is perceived by patients influences its success. Elite Dental Training will help your team understand all aspects of the patient experience and teach them the best practices for success. We may base your training upon certain aspects such as online review, how your team answers phones, patient hand-off, and more.

Treatment Presentation

Treatment presentation is vital. Our dental consultant will show you how to deliver professional treatment presentations and increase case acceptance. We’ll go over how to work with patients within their payment options and help patients overcome any obstacles they may have with your treatment plan.

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